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Our goal is to make the market for tax liens smarter and less cumbersome

IntelLien was launched in September 2016 after being named a semi-finalist in the NYU $300K Entrepreneurs Challenge. IntelLien aims to bring efficiencies to the tax lien secondary market by connecting investors with an end-to-end services, from market making activities on the IntelLien exchange to settling and clearing transactions. IntelLien provides investors with an innovative platform to buy and sell tax liens, coupled with a proprietary information database that provides parcel specific information on each tax lien.

For Investors

Intellien makes it easy for tax lien investors to perform due diligence and manage their portfolios.

Easily search and filter thousands of listings across many municipalities. Build an intelligent portfolio with the power of multiple sources of information available through one simple platform.

Buy and sell liens on the secondary market. Trade directly with other investors and access assets unavailable elsewhere.

Save time on clunky paperwork. With Intellien, managing documents is a breeze.

For Municipalities

Helping governments simplify.

Bring your operations online. Utilize emerging technologies to increase efficiency, reduce inconsistency, and save time.

Collect revenues faster. With IntelLien's auction solutions, municipalities can access a broader base of investors interested in purchasing property liens.


Not one of the above? Intellien's solutions can help you too.

Mortgage Lenders

Keep up to date on the tax status of properties in your portfolio.


Spend more time analyzing and less time formatting. Our simplified and standardized data sets bring order to complex tax lien data.


Easily search millions of legal records.

Still not you?

If you have a problem you think Intellien can help solve, we want to hear from you.

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